The Second Forum for Entrepreneurship (2-4 -Rajab -1439 H &2018- March–19-21)


The Second Forum for Entrepreneurship
8690 Paul Street, San fransico
Tuesday 20-03 / Forum From 9 AM - 3 PM Exhibition From 10 AM - 10 PM
Wednesday 21-03 / Forum Froma 9 AM - 3 PM Exhibition From 10 AM - 10 PM
Catalyzing Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship Toward Economic Diversity
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About the Forum


The Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has a great importance to the field of technology transfer and entrepreneurship, which has an impact on its knowledge economy. This is reflected in the vision of 2030 starting with the national transformation 2020, by establishing the Small and Medium Enterprises Authority (SMEs) and the Saudi Intellectual Property Authority. From this point, the educational institutions have a major role to prepare society to cope with this future direction, which will drive the fulfillment of vision and contribute to economic diversity. King Saud University (KSU) is one of the prestigious universities in Saudi Arabia in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship based on its patents and innovations in many fields, enabling KSU to compete with international universities in the fields of innovation, intellectual property, technology licensing, technology developments, prototyping and entrepreneurship. Based on the successes achieved by the first forum of entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Institute at King Saud University aims to prepare society to cope with future directions by holding the second forum for entrepreneurship to exchange the expertise of research, experiences, knowledge, ideas and concepts in order to face the challenges in the field of supporting and developing the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Identity of the Forum:

The second forum of entrepreneurship will be entitled "Catalyzing Technology Transfer and entrepreneurship Toward Economic Diversity" to connect the public sector (ministries and agencies), local and international universities with the private sector (companies, organizations and factories), and the financial sector (banks and venture capital funds) with each other. This annual platform will bring together stakeholders from all sectors to cooperate and present their experiences, challenges and success stories at the local and international levels. The forum will include: keynote, panel discussion, workshops and exhibition that will target all kinds of community who are interested in developing the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. It is expected that the outcomes of the forum will include recommendations and solutions, furthermore, it will provide sustainable real joint initiatives and programs, some of which are adopted by the Entrepreneurship Institute at King Saud University to support the economic diversity, which is one of the pillars of the ambitious 2030 vision.

Objectives of the Forum:

The forum aims to contribute towards the achievement of the vision 2030 through the development of technology transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. The forum seeks to achieve many objectives, the most prominent of which are as follows:

1. Provide a multi-disciplinary platform for innovators, entrepreneurs and investors to present the latest innovations and trends in entrepreneurship within the vision 2030.

2. Develop the ecosystem of technology transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship in terms of policies, legislation and regulations.
3. Enhance the applied method of education and encourage its programs to prepare a distinguished generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.
4. Exchange of scientific and research production and practical experience within the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.
5. Encourage investors and financiers to create appropriate channels to support innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Key Themes

Key Themes

The forum will focus on the following main tracks:

  • 1

    The importance of human capital in the development of innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • 2

    Development of the ecosystem of innovation, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship (legislation, regulations, logistics support).

  • 3

    The importance of artificial intelligence in future entrepreneurship projects.

  • 4

    The resources of investments and finance (Angle Investors, Governmental Funds, VC).

  • 5

    Commercialization of patents and their role in economic diversity.

  • 6

    Current directions of entrepreneurship within the vision 2030.

  • 7

    Motivate the cooperation between universities and the private sector toward the economic diversity.

  • 8

    Techno Valleys In Saudi Arabia and its contribution in Saudi economic.

Forum Program

Forum Events

Forum Program

Keynote sessions, panel discussion and workshops will be held on selected topics of creativity, innovation, intellectual property, technology licensing, technology development, prototyping and entrepreneurship provided by decision-making officials and selected leading global experts. Information on these sessions, topics and dates will be provided before the forum.

Accompanying Exhibition and Competition:

The forum will be accompanied by an exhibition of governmental and privet companies and institutions. The exhibition also provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators to present their innovations, support their projects and meet investors and financiers.


Speakers at the Forum

معالي الدكتور / احمد العيسى

معالي أ. د. بدران العمر

م. صالح بن ابراهيم الرشيد

David Frazee

Prof. Lilac A. E. Al-Safadi

Ms. Amal Dokhan

Mr. Talal Alajlan

Cathy Garner MA PhD FSS FRSA

Justin Jansen

Dr. Ibrahim M. Al-Harkan

Dr. Hisham Alhadlaq

Eng. Fuad F. Mosa

Taj S. Mattu

Ray Wheatley

Dr. Bedour M. Alrayes

H.E. Dr. Khalid bin Abdullah Al-Sabiti

Dr. Ahmed H. AlTheneyan

Dr. Latifa Mohammed Al-Abdulkarim

Dr. Mazen A. Melibari

Dr. Abdullah AlSoghayer

Mr. Mohammed AlKaff

Mr. Faris Alrashed

Mr. Mahmoud M. Al-Shami

Mr. Ibrahim Hamad Alrashid

Dr. Pamela K. York

Michael Batalia

Dr. Mohammed Thamer Alresheedi

Dr. Muteb bin Abdulaziz bin Muteb

Kristin Rencher

Arundeep S. Pradhan

John Bial

Dr. Nabeel H. AlHarthi

Prof. Ahmed bin Salem Al Ameri

Dr. Ahmad Abbas

Dr. Faisal Allaf

Dr. Iyad Alzaharnah

Dr. Khalil A. Al-Shafei

Princess Haifa Mohammed AlSaud

معالي الأستاذ / أحمد الخطيب

H.E. Prof. Khalid bin Saad Al-Muqrin

Deemah AlYahya

Christopher Noble

Mr. Hattan Ahmed

Cameron McCoy

Success Partners



Organizational Committee
  1. President

    Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Harkan

    1. Member

      Dr. Sultan Alswad Al-Enezy

    2. Member

      Dr. Yasser Fadel Al-Surhi

    3. Member

      Dr. Nabil Hussein Al Harthy

    4. Member

      Dr. Thamer Ali Al-Bahkali

    5. Member

      Dr. Mohammed Thamer al-Rashidi

    6. Member

      Dr. Bedour Mohammed Al-Rayes

    7. Secretary

      Mr. Hamad Sulaiman Al-Badawi

    8. Secretary

      Mr. Abdulaziz Awwad Al-Awni

    9. Secretary

      Mrs. Al-Jawherh Mahmas Al-Jaris

Executive Committee
  1. Director

    Dr. Nabil Hussin Al-Harthy

    1. Member

      Dr. Bedour Mohammed Al-Rayes

    2. Member

      Dr. Ismail Ibrahim Bata

    3. Member

      Dr. Hany Hassan Aly

    4. Member

      Mr. Medhat Mamdouh Ahmed

    5. Member

      Mr. Fadi Adnan Al-kasasbah

    6. Member

      Mrs. Daad Saleh Al-Issa

    7. Member

      Mrs. Norah Abduallah Al-Othman

    8. Secretary

      Mr. Sultan Sirajuddin Turkistani

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